Preserving the young look of your skin is probably one of the most important things when it comes to skincare. Being the most exposed organ of the human body, the skin is in permanent contact with the outside world, which basically means being exposed to tons of stress mechanisms (with oxidative stress being the primary aggressor), environmental debris, ultraviolet rays, etc.

Without help and protection, fine lines and fatigue gradually start taking over, making the skin look unhealthy, hard, damaged and even older than it actually is.

Luckily, this is reversible.

Expert skincare companies offer some of the finest solutions to nourish and rejuvenate skin cells, giving them a young, fresh, soft and smooth natural look. Today, we will be taking a detailed look at the Biotherm skin crème.

What You Need to Know About Biotherm Skin Crème

Biotherm is a French luxury skincare brand owned and operated by one of the leading cosmetics companies in the world – L’Oréal.

The brand is famous for (and originated from) its mineral water elements – thermal plankton – that are included in all Biotherm products ever since the company was founded in 1952.

Thermal plankton are a rare type of organisms that were found by Mme Jeanine Marissal in mineral thermal spring waters under Pyrenees mountain in the southern part of France, which contain a protein that can rejuvenate human skin cells. The brand received international recognition in 1970 with the help of L’Oréal, and since 2015, the face of the brand are represented by Candice Swanepoel and Christy Turlington – world class top models.

Biotherm skin crème boosts the energy generation of young skin cells and improves their antioxidant properties, making them highly resistant to the environment. In a clinical study involving 82 women, regular use of Biotherm skin crème was proven to deliver the following results in 4 weeks:

  • Skin revitalization (energized skin) – 76%
  • Smoother skin – 80%
  • Skin looks more luminous – 77%
  • Skin resistance and strength improved – 73%

Finally, the texture of the cream is soft, fresh, light and non-greasy, absorbs into the skin and leaves you with a tender, velvet-like sensation.

Special Ingredients

The smoothing and anti-aging properties of the crème are primarily attributed to two green microalgae (tiny, photosynthetic organisms that grow underwater) extracts – Spirulina and Astaxanthin.

Spirulina is composed of at least 60% all-vegetable protein, which makes it one of the most well-balanced sources of skin nutrition in the world. Spirulina is responsible for faster cell regeneration, skin nourishment and rejuvenation.

Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful and safe antioxidants, has been proven to boost the antioxidant properties of the skin and offer UV-light protection during daytime. Astaxanthin is responsible for boosting the skin’s durability, protecting the skin from sun rays and distressing it.

What Skin Types is Biotherm Skin Crème Suitable For

The product can be used by all skin types, however, it’s best suited for dry and sensitive skin types. Compared to oily skin, dry and sensitive skin types are more vulnerable to environmental aggression (debris, stress, etc.) due to less amount of sebum oil, which acts as a natural skin protector.

How to Use Biotherm Skin Crème

It’s important to follow the usage instructions correctly to achieve maximum effect, particularly when it comes to skincare products. Here is how to use Biotherm crème effectively:

  1. Cleanse and tone your skin before each application.
  2. Apply a small amount of the cream to your palm. Using both hands, massage the cream into the skin in an outward pattern – from center to the peripheries of the face – until the cream is fully absorbed.
  3. After absorption, use your thumb, middle and index fingers to twist and turn every part of the skin. This will help release stress and fatigue.
  4. For stimulating skin detoxification, follow this pattern. With your index finger, start from the side of your chin, go above and over the lip line, ending at the opposite side of your cheekbone.
  5. Tap dynamically with your fingertips all over your face. This will improve the blood flow and boost rejuvenation.
  6. Finish with massaging what’s left on your palms into your neck using downward and upward motions.
  7. Repeat the procedure every morning (or before going outside) and always avoid areas around the eyes.

Pros and Cons

No matter how good a product may appear to be, it will always carry negative effects in addition to positive ones. Here are the pros and cons of Biotherm skin crème:



  • Clinically tested natural ingredients that have been proven to improve the skin’s resistance and durability.
  • Research proven product that has delivered substantial results for a number of different women.
  • No known side effects or allergic reactions.


  • May be unsuitable for oily skin types.
  • The product is pricey ($50.99 for 50ml bottle).

What Results You Can Expect After Some Time of Use

As reported by customers, Biotherm skin crème delivers highly satisfying results when used regularly.

While it’s hard to say when exactly will you start seeing positive results, the study conducted by the manufacturer has shown that noticeable improvements appear near the end of the second week, with much more substantial results being observed after 4 weeks.

Customer Reviews of Biotherm Skin Crème

As you all know by now, there are no “one size fits all” types of products in the world, particularly when it comes to skincare.

Each person has a unique organism which is more (or less) responsive to a given type of care/treatment. In case of Biotherm skin crème, there are not enough reviews to base an opinion on, which generally means one of the two:

  1. The product/brand isn’t known/trusted by enough people to try it and leave a review (according to statistics, only 2-5% of users leave feedback on Amazon).
  2. There are no negative experiences that users would like to share with others (users are 5 times more inclined to leave feedback whenever they are unhappy with a product as opposed to good or neutral experiences).

Based on these two points, it’s safe to assume that the product doesn’t carry negative side effects, however, it might not be as good as it seems. It would be wise to get a sample of the product and test it before committing a larger sum of money to the whole thing.

Where to Buy Biotherm Skin Crème

You can acquire Biotherm Skin Crème on Amazon and their official website. Coupons and discounts are rare for Biotherm products and there aren’t any available for this product right now. If you manage to find one, do share the link with everyone in the comments!

Be extremely careful when shopping for skincare products and don’t buy anything from sellers you don’t know or trust, especially if they offer a cheaper price. Defective and counterfeit products are not uncommon nowadays and saving a few dollars today might lead to some nasty consequences tomorrow. You don’t want that.

Questions to Consider Before Buying Biotherm Skin Crème

  • Is this suitable for all skin types? – Biotherm skin crème is suitable for all skin types, however, judging from its ingredient list, it might be uncomfortable for some oily skin types (depending on the amount of oil your skin produces).
  • How long will the flask last me? – With regular daily use, the bottle should last around 30-40 days.
  • Any side effects I should worry about? – No side effects or allergic reactions have been noted or reported by any customer till now.
  • Can I use this in combination with other products? – Yes, Biotherm skin crème can be used with other, similar types of skincare products. If you are considering using it with skin cleansers (acne washes), make sure to consult a dermatologist beforehand.

Alternatives to Biotherm Skin Crème

In case you can’t get your hands on Biotherm skin crème for some reason, here are two great alternatives that you can consider:

#1 Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Beauty Balms or B.B. creams were originally designed as a universal post-procedure treatment to hydrate and protect the skin. The latest products in the category are compatible with dry, sensitive and normal skin types and can be used as a stand-alone product (as an instant beautifier) or as the last step of your daily skincare routine (thanks to its protective properties).

Special ingredients of B.B. creams include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (which offer broad spectrum protection from ultraviolet rays A and B) and bio-peptide complex (promoting anti-aging properties and natural collagen synthesis).

The customer reviews of the product are solid (it enjoys a 4.5 star user rating on Amazon with over 100 reviewers) with over 77% users rating it a full 5 stars. The only thing you should watch out for is choosing the correct shade that suits your skin type. As reported by customers, it’s easy to confuse it when shopping.

Also, here is a detailed video on everything you need to know about the product:

#2 Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Spf30

The Anti-Aging Moisturizer by Murad is a great crème that promotes a smooth, young and fresh look while controlling oil production, and intensifies the skin’s healing properties (acne, acne scars, etc.)

The product is suitable for all skin types and the flask has been reported by users to last for a minimum of 6 months.

Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer enjoys a 4 star user rating on Amazon with around 30 reviews, out of which, 66% have given the product 5 stars.

The product is light on the skin and dries quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait long before applying make-up over it. The only downside is the weird odor – customers have reported that the product smells like sunscreen, which can be irritating at times.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Biotherm Skin crème is a good anti-aging, stress relieving and protecting day cream, which can safely be used without any fear of side effects or allergic reactions.

Its soft texture is very light on the skin and while it doesn’t have many customer reviews, the clinical study involving 80+ women and the fact that it is manufactured by L’Oréal, one of the leading cosmetics brands, makes the product definitely worth a shot.

My advice would be to try and get a sample before buying the whole thing since it’s rather costly. Then again, it’s a luxury brand so the high cost is somewhat expected.

Have you already tried Biotherm Skin Crème? What were your first impressions? What results did you get after consistent use? Share your experience with everyone in the comments!