The Organixx Collagen supplement marketed as a way to give your body a boost of collagen protein and keep your body healthy, containing a range of useful nutrients that can prevent a whole list of different problems from appearing as you age or start to change your diet and routine.

Of course, just because organixx collagen it’s marketed that way doesn’t always mean it will work, so is Organixx Collagen the product it says it is, or should you be wary of using the supplements at all?

This Organixx Collagen review will explain what it does, whether it works, and why it might be useful to you, you may find more information here than in other organixx collagen reviews.

What is it?

Organixx Collagen is a formula that’s meant to fight against age-related health deterioration, aging, and spin problems. As the name implies, it’s mostly focused on collagen, the most abundant and important protein you can have in your body: it makes up around one-third of all of the protein inside you at any one time.

By adding more collagen, this Organixx supplement is supposed to cure a range of health problems and weaknesses by giving your body more of this ‘building block’ or ‘glue’ to work with.

The logic behind organixx collagen makes sense: like most supplements, collagen supplement gives your body more of something it already needs to help that process work faster. In this case, it’s about repairing, healing and preventing various types of damage or degradation on your skin.

This is all through the natural nutrients and ingredients that your body can use, rather than being an artificial cream or something else that tries to bypass your body’s way of doing this. But is it worth using at all?

How does collagen help?

To understand Organixx Collagen supplements, you need to understand what Collagen is meant to do in the first place. There are a range of benefits associated with giving your body the collagen levels it needs, such as:

  • Reduced amounts of wrinkles and other similar issues, including fine lines and areas of your face that might look bumpy or uneven.
  • Cleared arteries to improve your heart health, which becomes especially important as you turn older.
  • Help with healing from joint injuries and discomfort, making it easier to stay active and move smoothly.
  • A better metabolism to help with burning fat, building muscle and absorbing nutrients faster.
  • A more durable liver, letting your body flush out and dispose of toxins more effectively in later life.
  • An improved mood, making it easier to stay positive and feel great mentally as well as physically.
  • Much better sleep patterns for helping you stay well-rested and move active every morning

There are various other minor benefits, too, but you get a general idea: without collagen, we miss out on a lot of useful benefits that our bodies can really use to stay healthier, ranging from external changes (our skin) to major internal changes that dictate how healthy we are.

In later life, having enough clean sourced collagen can be the main thing that keeps us healthy both inside and out, and lacking in collagen can be very dangerous as you get older so that’s where organixx collagen comes in.

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Collagen Types

There are various collagen types that all have their own uses and purposes, and not all of them offer the exact same benefits and drawbacks. The main three are known as types I, II, and III.

Collagen Type I is the most common form of collagen and appears in the skin, bones, spine, and other specific areas of your body. 

Collagen Type II is more common in bone cartilage and treats things like cellulite, wrinkles, and arthritis, and supplements containing it usually come as capsules.

Collagen Type III is the second most common, also appearing in the skin as well as muscles, the intestines, and certain other places. They’re very similar since Type III works to repair bone, muscles, and skin damage.

There are other types, such as V and XI (which repair connective tissue) as well as VIII (which heals certain parts of the eyes). These are less important, but they can still turn up in some collagen supplement mixtures.

All types of collagen focus on one thing: health. They’re collectively considered a vital protein, so any supplement that can give you some will be able to boost different parts of your body in different ways.

What do Organixx Collagen supplements contain?

The standard Organixx Collagen supplement contains five main ingredients, all of which are meant to boost collagen levels in the person taking it. These include:

Collagen Types

Organixx Collagen contains five different types of collagen, each with its uses. All of them work together to help you beat the aging process are stay physically stronger and healthier, especially as you get older.

Alongside the collagen itself are a range of other ingredients that either boost or assist your body in different ways.

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C in the mixture comes from multiple sources, but it’s one of the more important ingredients. Without it, our body can’t properly combine or store collagen, which would make the collagen supplement itself useless.

Because of this, Organixx has mixed it directly into the supplement to compensate for the increased amount of collagen that your body might struggle to process if you don’t get much Vitamin C normally.

Vitamin C also has plenty of other uses, such as connective tissue health, blood vessel, and red blood cell production, and even helps certain important enzymes in your body function correctly.

You can normally get it from most fruits and vegetables, but not every person gets their recommended amount, which can slow down collagen production and other parts of the body’s important processes.

Camu Camu

Camu Camu has plenty of useful nutrients in it, specifically ones that help with arranging collagen so that it can be used to improve and repair skin, bone health, and muscles.

As you’d expect, this is included to help the collagen do its work quickly, as well as to help your body handle the collagen, like Vitamin C also does.

Acerola Cherry

The standard (as well as its extract) comes with the same benefits as Vitamin C and Camu Camu, although it’s also good for giving you more youthful skin and helping to improve the quality of your hair in key areas.

Full of antioxidants and is said to promote weight loss, improve digestion, boost eye health, boost your immune system, and is very good for diabetics.

Organic Horsetail Extract / Horsetail Silica

Horsetail extract is good for providing the basic building blocks you might need to improve your skin, muscle, and joint health. The extract itself is full of silica, the specific chemical that’s supposed to help your natural collagen increase and make sure that your body can balance out the proteins inside it.

This also has high amounts of potassium in it which helps your heartrate stay regular whilst keeping your muscles contracting and nerves working correctly, it also counteracts sodium in the body, offsetting the effects on blood pressure.


Zinc acts as another booster for collagen management and protein handling, allowing your cells to properly build collagen. Most zinc comes from meat, but not all of it – since this Organixx product isn’t vegan, the zinc inside likely comes from meat as well.

Zinc also has plenty of other benefits and uses, including fighting against the common cold (apparently, since the research isn’t completely confirmed), maintaining vision (useful as you get older), prevention of issues like diarrhoea and nausea, and even less obvious problems like alcoholism as well as boosting nail health.

Zinc can normally be found in seafood, certain breakfast foods and cereals, dairy and grain products and various types of nut. This means that they’re another nutrient that regular people might accidentally skip over if they don’t eat many, or any, of these food items regularly.

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What is this Collagen Supplement supposed to do?

The benefits of taking this organixx collagen supplement can vary from person to person, but most of them are meant to be consistent. To start, the site claims that you’ll heal joint pain faster and won’t be as rigid or restricted in your movements.

It’s also said to eliminate most kinds of dull pain in general, such as pain from inflammation or pulled muscles. The large number of essential nutrients used in the mixture not only help collect collagen but actually act as regular nutrients too, which can help you stay energized and keep you moving for longer.

In older users, it’s also meant to help with upset stomachs and poor digestion health, making it easier to eat without feeling discomfort. This can be quite significant too, but it won’t work for every single issue that could cause stomach troubles for that you may need other dietary supplements. not only collagen.

The most marketed feature is the anti-aging properties. Improving collagen production in your body isn’t just a health booster, but it also helps give you the nutrients your body needs to heal and get smoother skin, therefore, slowing the aging process, etc.

It’s not that your body needs these anti-aging ingredients, but they can be useful if you’re worried about wrinkles or damaged skin that won’t go away and younger looking skin is more your style.

Some of the other benefits of being organixx collagen users are; better skin nutrition, meaning healthier-looking hydrated skin, healthy hair, nail health, ease joint discomfort and the list goes on. Using Organixx collagen supplement means all of this is not only achievable but could become your new ‘normal.’

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Is it safe to take?

Organixx clean sourced their ingredients when putting together the list of ingredients they use, meaning that you’re getting great types of collagen from sources that won’t harm you and in fact improve your overall health.

The organic clean collagen mixture, and the clean sourced collagens used inside, are all supposed to provide their benefits without putting your body at risk, but you’ll still want to stick to safe dosages and make sure you’re not taking too much at once.

Every ingredient, even something as simple as the Acerola Cherry, can be dangerous if you take too much, and the clean sourced collagens still contain ingredients that have a direct effect on how your body works.

The Organixx clean sourced collagens are all, as the name implies, clean sourced collagens from natural locations. This includes grass-fed cows, wild fish, eggshell membranes and so on – all of this is supposed to give you almost all-natural Organixx clean sourced collagens that boost collagen production and help you repair skin, tendons, ligaments, skin elasticity as well as promoting joint health and these are just some of the health benefits.

Organixx collagen side effects are very minimal and you shouldn’t suffer with allergic reactions due to the fact that organixx collagen ingredients are clean sourced but you should always check ingredients of items if you know you suffer from an allergy to a certain product.

The fact that it’s clean sourced also helps with people who are worried about supplements using “dirty” ingredients that won’t have been checked for safety concerns, rest assured this supplement is not only safe but could make your ‘normal’ human skin, glow like the skin of a god.

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Do I have to take organixx collagen on an empty stomach?

Unlike some supplements, you don’t have to take an organixx collagen supplement on an empty stomach. The breakdown of collagen doesn’t need any extra stomach space, and Organixx clean sourced collagens have no ingredients that can react badly with others, so it should be entirely safe to take them after you’ve already eaten. Just be wary that you don’t take Organixx clean collagen after you’ve had a dosage of another set of sources collagens.

Should I use Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen?

Simply put, yes! It is surprisingly safe and doesn’t rely on any ingredients that could be directly harmful, so it’s definitely not something that needs to be avoided!

Most reviews seem to say that Organixx clean sourced collagen plays a great part in skin health and protein build-up, and that makes sense when you consider that the advanced formula is really just a collection of other ingredients rather than a single miracle cure for any individual health condition.

These incredible natural ingredients are all ones that have been proven to contain at least one beneficial ingredient, and a large amount of Vitamin C involved means that even the most base level benefits are going to be good for your skin.

So, is this collagen supplement a good idea? Organixx clean sourced collagens have plenty of Vitamin C, some hard-to-find ingredients like Acerola Cherry, and other useful ingredients that really help with skin health and increase the natural level of collagen in your body.

If you’re worried about your skin health as you get older, or have started to notice issues already, it’s probably worth at least trying these safely sourced collagens to get an idea of what they can do for you. At worst, you’ll just get more protein and Vitamin C, neither of which is really a bad thing!

One Organixx collagen customer may say that they have relieved joint pains and better nail health alongside overall health, better cardiovascular system less food intolerance just an overall better well being.

Now if all of this and fewer wrinkles don’t seem like something for you then don’t become an organixx collagen customer. But if it does then I would act fast and get your natural collagen boosted, making this the one and only collagen supplement to use.

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