Any person who suffers from acne, breakouts, pimples or blemishes in any form, appreciates that it is not only the face that is affected by such afflictions. Common places for acne flare-ups include the face of course, but also the back, neck, chest, and stomach.

Back acne, sometimes coined as ‘bacne’ is as serious an issue as face acne and can hit people’s self-esteem in much the same way as acne or blemishes on the face does too. No, it may not be as visible as the face, but it can certainly be as aggressive, widespread and painful and often lead to larger infections.

The same type of treatment is available for people who suffer from back acne as people who suffer from acne of the face. These include creams, steroid creams, antibiotics, other tablet medication, and medicated skin care regimes. Laser treatment is also an option for people with back acne.

Treatment types for Back Acne

  • Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

If you are looking at cosmetic, laser surgery treatment for back acne then there are a number of clinics available for you to pursue treatment within the United States. You should always ensure that these are professional practices with the appropriate qualifications to access the best and most appropriate level of treatment for what you personally require.

There are many established practices with wide price ranges and different types of treatments available. They can be, however, quite costly, ranging in price from $200 – $5000 per course of treatment. These include:

  • Laser light treatment
  • Skin needle treatment
  • Microdermabrasion treatments
  • Chemical Skin Peels.

It is up to you to discuss with your local clinics and skin care professionals which treatment is most appropriate for your skin and its needs. It is also up to you to consider all the advantages and disadvantages that come with laser surgery or other types of acne treatments.

Advantages include fast results, reduction in the cause of acne and stronger lasting effects.

Disadvantages include: Side effects such as pain, swelling, and redness, high costs, longer treatments as often more than one course of treatment is required, and never actually clearing the acne or acne scarring 100%.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide

The chemical Benzoyl Peroxide has lots of different uses and purposes. Our focus here is how it can be used to treat back acne, though it is worth looking at some of the other uses as well. It is used for acne by targeting the bacteria that causes acne and reducing it through its chemicals and ingredients.

It is a peroxide, i.e., a bleaching product and can be used either medically or industrially. It is used in the medical world as an acne treatment and is often mixed with antibiotics to gain a greater clearing effect. It can be prescribed as a cream, gel or ointment.

There are some over the counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide in them that can be used effectively to treat back acne. These include body washes, shower washes, exfoliating scrubs, and moisturizers. It is a common ingredient, but the concentration may not be as strong as prescribed products, and it may be therefore overshadowed by other active ingredients.

There are side effects because of the nature of the peroxide such as slight skin irritation which varies from person to person. These, however, are normally reported as reducing and even disappearing completely after prolonged usage of the product. The dryness can be counteracted by using a moisturizer in conjunction with whichever benzoyl peroxide product you are trying out.

  • Doxycycline

Doxycycline is a type of antibiotic often used in the treatment of acne. It generally comes in tablet form, as a course of treatment to be taken for a prolonged or set period of time.

It is commonly used to fight bacteria, and therefore has a usage in terms of treating acne. It targets the bacteria that causes acne or the bacteria in the skin that is prolonging acne breakouts. It also helps with the reduction of swelling and appearance of redness in the face. Though it may work quite well for your skin, it is still worth maintaining a proper skin care routine in order to combat your acne on different fronts.

This is a treatment for people aged 12 and over, which is normally when acne problems start to come about anyway because of puberty and the consequential hormonal changes in the body. You also cannot use this if you are pregnant, as it can sometimes interfere with the development of the mouth and teeth (hence why it is for over 12 years of age).

  • Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is another common ingredient in acne treatment products. It is an exfoliation application which removes dead skin cells from the body. It is a skin peeling treatment that removes dead skin and therefore helps in the reduction of scar appearance.

It is often used in conjunction with the previously mentioned benzoyl peroxide. There are a variety of creams, scrubs, and washes available for purchase on the skin care market. It is up to personal preference which one works best for your skin.

  • Proactiv

Proactiv is a well known, well-established skincare brand with good reviews and results from customers all over different countries. It is specially developed and tailored for different skin types and comes in a variety of different solutions such as moisturizers and cleansers that often work best when used together.

The products target the cleansing and unclogging of pores, which is often where the root of acne lies, though not exclusively. They market themselves on a ‘three-step’ system that brings you to clearer skin and targets affected areas of acne.

There are various products tailored towards various different skin types, and they are to be used daily, or twice daily, as a part of or your whole skincare regime. They are safe for use on various parts of the body though marketed largely for usage on the face.

It has great reviews from a lot of satisfied customers who have found significant improvement in their acne after using this product for a period of time. It is by no means a fast-acting miracle cure, but it can dramatically reduce acne appearance after a number of weeks of usage.

  • Clearasil

Clearasil is a well-established skincare brand that has existed for a number of years now. It is still around because of how reliable its products are.

There are, like proactiv, a number of face washes, body scrubs, moisturizers and deep treatment products available for purchase. The customer reviews are often great and positive, though, like everything, it doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Birth Control

Another more popular, though sometimes costly depending on where you are in the world, solution and course of treatment for acne is the birth control pill.

Birth control comes in various shapes and sizes as per what the body needs and can manage. It works through regulating and controlling hormones in the body which then go on to combat acne. Though the most effective pill to fight acne is the combination pill, with the two types of hormones estrogen and progestin as it is the way that these two hormones interact and balance each other that lead to the improvement and decrease in acne.

pregnancy test and contraceptive pills

However, as you may know, birth control is for females, and therefore there are no benefits to be had if you are a male that is suffering from back acne or other types of acne.

There has been a lot of research into whether or not birth control does help acne and back acne. The research seems to suggest that with the right combination of estrogen and progestin, acne and back acne can indeed be affected in a positive way by taking the birth control pill. Though it is still worth considering all the factors when deciding whether or not commence a new medication. Establishing other skin care routines may also be beneficial, should a day come when you decide to stop taking your birth control medication.


Though back acne may be a problem for a lot of people, there are a number of ways in which you can target and control it.

Some of these don’t have to be medicinal as acne can often be improved dramatically through subtle diet changes (i.e., incorporating more vegetables into your daily eating habits or swapping out fizzy drinks for plain old water). Establishing a proper skin care washing routine, making sure you shower properly and wash pores efficiently after exercise, and staying out of the sun or wearing appropriate sun protection.

However, if none of these options work and prevail for you, then there are other things you can try that are listed above. Some are costly, and some are less so, and not everything will work for everyone.

However, a lot are worth exploring and seeing what they can do for your particular body’s needs.