Wouldn’t it be great if we were all graced with clear, naturally glowing skin? This is something that some people are lucky enough to enjoy, but not everyone.  Read down more below to learn about how sleep deprivation and not having a good night’s rest can affect your skin, how to get a glowing complexion and the skin benefits.

If you’re one for taking work home with you, overwork yourself and struggle with gaining high-quality sleep each night, as beauty sleep might be more important than you realize. Your skin might need some support so that it can appear as glowing and rejuvenated as you’d wish for.

 Has what we’ve just mentioned rung true with you? Keep on reading to find out how to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

In the following, we have brought together a wealth of useful and easy to adapt examples of ways you can achieve the glowing skin you’ve always wanted that tie in nicely with sleep.

Why is having a good night’s rest important?

Sleep is an important part of life as it’s a time for your body to rest and recover and sleep deprivation can have an impact on your health. The National Sleep Foundation recommends quite strongly that most adults need to sleep between seven to nine hours to keep their circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) healthy. 

Seven to Nine hours sleep is what most adults should get.

A good amount of sleep helps your body improve blood flow to the very top layer of your skin. In particular, your face and helps keep your skin tone even.

Some studies have found that adults who sleep seven to nine hours had skin that was better moisturized in which it could protect itself and heal better; so if you’re suffering from dry skin, it may be that you need more sleep. It also decreases the appearance of fine lines. Therefore their skin’s health was a lot better due to the skin cells being able to produce and regenerate more quickly.

It is also a good idea to sleep on your back or side so you can avoid getting sleep wrinkles.

How can you tell if you or someone else is sleep-deprived?

It is fairly easy to spot who isn’t getting enough sleep, the most common symptom being dark circles under someone’s eyes is a huge indicator of poor sleep along with paler skin. Being sleep-deprived would also mean your skin would be less hydrated and it wouldn’t be reducing the appearance of fine lines on your face.

Going without sleep leads to a more tired appearance so the dark circles under your eyes get worse. The blood flow to the top layer of skin on your face would also be worse and your skin cells wouldn’t be regenerating as quickly as they would if you had seven to nine hours of sleep. Another thing a lack of sleep leads to is bloodshot or puffy eyes due to poor blood circulation.

So it is important you keep your sleep quality up and avoid poor sleep so you can have healthy skin. As your hours of sleep do affect your skin especially the skin surrounding your face and can affect your skin’s appearance and without adequate sleep. It can also put you at risk for numerous physical and mental health concerns.

Exercise is your friend

Exercise helps with encouraging sound slumber, and it’s during periods of sleep that your body, including your skin, repairs and replenishes. Therefore, if you exercise during the day, it will help you to have that rejuvenated complexion in the morning as well as increasing your blood flow.

Working out also has sleep benefits with the more rigorous your workouts being making you rest better.

Before you go thinking that you need to knock out hours on hours of intense workout sessions every day to get the results you strive for, just think about aiming to cover off the daily recommended 30-minutes. 

Exercising is great to prevent acne

Choosing to exercise is a well-known method of increasing that feel-good factor in your life, not to mention the health benefits and also staying in good physical shape too. Physical activity helps our bodies to look good, but this can extend to our skin as well.

What’s more, in terms of your skin, you might be happy to hear that exercise is most definitely on your side. Dermatologists have been advocating the effectiveness of exercise to help with skin issues and it’s also known to aid with acne.

Ideally, you want to exert enough effort that you work up a sweat, which will help to clear the pores and get the blood in your body flowing nicely.

Essentially, if you raise your heart rate it will improve your circulation. When your heart contracts at an increased rate, the higher volume of blood flows more rapidly through your arteries and veins of the body, resulting in a boosted circulation and better supply of nutrients.

Hydration is an important factor

Staying hydrated and enjoying being active pretty much go hand in hand. Both of these tips are there to keep your skin in better condition, and they’re so simple to stay on top of; especially drinking plenty of water and there’s really no excuse for not getting enough fluids on board.

The professionals state that being just slightly dehydrated can hinder your sleep. Yes, when you’re busy or you’re tired, you can forget to drink water, so, to combat this, drink a glass of water no less than an hour before you head to bed.

The trick here, as we’ve touched on is to not drink too much too close to your bedtime, or your sleep will be disturbed by pesky trips to the toilet during the night.

To help your skin get the best chance of improving during periods of rest, i.e. when you’re asleep, you can try drinking these drinks in the run-up to bed as part of an effective bedtime routine. These drinks carry benefits that help in having a knock-on effect to succeed in reaching your skin goals.

Using a night cream before bed can also help to lock moisture into your skin and keeping your skin well hydrated. Hyaluronic acid for example is good for deeply hydrating the skin’s surface.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice increases melatonin levels, which aids the promotion of good sleep. 


Milk contains tryptophan, an effective sleep-inducing amino acid.


Water keeps your hormones, energy levels, and muscles balanced while you sleep.

Camomile tea

Camomile tea contains chrysin which relaxes muscles and relieves anxiety.

A glass or two while in bed, but at least an hour before you sleep with one of these drinks mentioned above will you glow come to the fore!

Make moisturizing a consistent addition

Moisturizing your face once you have had a nightly wash is also a worthwhile tip to have in your skin-assisting locker.

When you wash your face, the essential oils that exist in the skin are washed away, therefore when you moisturize, you are taking an effective step to replenish the oils that were removed.It 's important to get a healthy glow

Make sure you head down the route of opting for a moisturizer that is water-based and specific for your skin type.

If you are tolerating ‘one of those days and you feel like your skin is extra tight or dry, don’t be put off by a deep moisturizer; these have advantages in the evening time as they will help get your skin back to its best in no time.

Lastly, rubbing your overnight moisturizer into your skin using soft circular motions can increase blood flow to the face. Increased blood flow will help reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Let’s talk about pillowcases

What correlation do my pillowcases, sleep, and my skin have? Well, when you place your head on both synthetic and cotton pillowcases, you put your skin through a night of tug and pulls, especially if you tend to wriggle about a fair bit during your time in bed.

This is something that you’ve probably not even considered before, and now you know, you don’t want your skin to bear the results of being squeezed, pulled, and stretched while you’re off in the Land of Nod.

Also, pillowcases are well known for housing dirt and oils that you want to keep away from your face to avoid spots appearing. Overcome these issues by changing your existing pillowcases for some fresh silk pillowcases and ensuring you take the time to wash your pillowcases regularly too.

Go to bed in the knowledge that your clean, face-welcoming pillowcases will help you enjoy not only perfectly sounds slumber, but also wake up looking and feel fresh!

Perfect your bedroom sleep environment

You might want to look good in the mornings, but it’s what you do the night before that will give you the kind of positive results you’re after.  After all, it is important for your beauty sleep.A regular and consistent sleep pattern rejuvenates We’ve established that sleep helps with good skin, but how do you promote high-quality sleep?

To ensure that you are on the best possible path to accomplishing a good night’s sleep, you will have to create the optimal bedroom environment to encourage top-quality Zzzs!

Get started by switching a regular bedroom into a sleep-inducing haven by doing the following:

  • Place some lavender scent in the room, so your room’s scent is sleep-positive.
  • Play some meditation music that is related to sleep.
  • Remember to keep artificial screen light hidden though.
  • If you choose to play your music through your smartphone, place it facedown to not to disturb your snooze.
  • You might also want to give some breathing exercises ago; these will assist in sending you into a sound state of rest to help you gain healthy-looking skin each morning.

Some final thoughts to finish on…

What can we take away from all of this? Well, apart from the fact your beauty sleep is important. When you bring these pointers into your life improved skin health awaits including the following benefits to name but a few:

  • Fewer wrinkles
  • A radiant complexion
  • Brighter, less puffy eyes
  • Healthier, happier appearance overall

We hope that we’ve given you enough to go on and that our advice allows you to see what a difference it makes to your skin, and with any luck, you’ll be fresh-faced and glowing in absolutely no time at all!

This Article is a Guest Contribution by Sarah Cummings

Sarah Cummings has been writing informative and helpful guides for over half a decade after originally, wanting to share her passion to help others with her knowledge and experience in sleep and the benefits associating with leading a healthy lifestyle.

Her love of exercise has always been a big part of how she leads her life, and she finds it helps with a range of things, including sleep and, indeed skincare. Sarah is an advocator of promoting sleep and how it can be the difference between living a happy, fulfilled life and one that is not as healthy and happy.