The Top 5 Acne Guides to Deal with Even the Most Severe Breakouts – The Ultimate List of 2018

With so many acne-clearing tips, medication, research and products available on the web, finding the one way that will help clear the skin in your specific case can be very challenging, time consuming and expensive.

To help you out, we have carefully reviewed over 50 books and comprised a list of the top 5 guides that are most likely to help you deal with even the most severe breakouts.

Acne no more Super sexy skin The acne cure Acne for dummies






Acne No More by Mike Walden

The Acne Code by Michael Kohler

Super Sexy Skin by Belinda Benn

The Acne Cure by Terry Dubrow and Brenda Adderly

Acne for Dummies by Herbert Goodheart

#1 Acne No More by Mike Walden

Acne no more guide

Acne No More shares the story, acne-experience and curing technique of the author, who suffered from severe acne for 19 years before he was able to banish it for good. If you think you’ve tried everything to clear your acne, just imagine what Mike Walden has tried in 19 years.

The 220 page guide is basically a collection of lifestyle principles that acne-prone people have no other choice but to follow closely, if they want to have a clear, glowing and radiant skin. Thousands of men and women who have followed the instructions carefully, experienced significant results in 14-60 days, taking into account the numerous, case-specific factors that cause acne for each person.

The main point of the book is the step-by-step plan that you need to follow (and maintain) closely to treat your acne permanently, however, the guide also features sections like the story of the author himself, the science of acne and what causes it, an easy, temporary, 30-minute fix to most acne types, a list of 10 foods that help cure acne as well as a list of 10 foods that heavily contribute to acne development and a technique to detox the body effectively.

A few things to note here:

  • This guide isn’t a shortcut. If you’re going to buy it, be ready to commit to following it closely. It may be disheartening at times, but the results are worth it.

  • The author puts a lot of emphasis on healthy diet. Be ready to eliminate some (or even all) of your favorite foods from your diet for a very-very long period of time.

  • The guide also features additional dietary supplements that you’ll have to. The amount and variety of the supplements will depend on your individual case, but be ready for further investments.

  • In some cases, the diet and lifestyle changes that the book promotes will be needed to maintain even after the acne has cleared. Depending on your case, as soon as you start neglecting the diet and lifestyle changes that you implemented, the acne may start to return, meaning that you’ll have to maintain these changes as best as you can during your life.

What we like

✓ Clear instructions

✓ No magical pills or therapies, pure science

✓ Works for all skin types, tones

✓ The severity of the case doesn’t matter

What we don’t like

 No moneyback guarantee policy

 Emotionally hard to follow the guide precisely

Our rating


#2 The Acne Code by Michael Kohler

The acne code

The author of The Acne Code, Michael Kohler, comprised a step-by-step solution that will help reduce breakouts regardless of their type, position on the body or severity of the case in 8 weeks. The guide is made for individuals who currently suffer from one (or a combination) of the following: occasional pimples, cystic acne, dry and flaky skin, extremely oily skin, constant redness on your face, back acne, chest acne, acne on the back of your head.

It is also recommended for people who have very stubborn acne and tried to cure it via various methods like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Retin-A, Accutane, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, topical retinoid medicines, azelaic acid, birth control pills and androgen blockers, yet experienced little to no success.

The Acne Code is basically an online course which explains that there are three main reasons for acne development, which are tied to diet, supplements, stress and environment. The course describes the main causes of acne (according to the author those are hormones, fat, sugar, free radicals, poor diet) in detail, how to prevent breakouts and which natural supplements will help clear breakouts. There is also a step-by-step process for treating existing acne and how to maintain the good health of your skin after everything has cleared.

The Acne Code website is fully accessible to subscribers and features a number of free bonuses in addition to the course itself:

  • How to shrink pimples, even most painful ones, in 24 hours and make them a lot less noticeable if you need a quick fix.

  • Insightful information about less known acne herbal remedies, which can be applied to the skin or taken as a supplement, and don’t cost a fortune.

  • 3-month email coaching program with the author.

  • A list of essential oils with the highest non-comedogenicity rating that helps clear acne without clogging pores, and which oils can be used in conjunction to maximize their effectiveness.

The membership access is a one-time payment and you get lifetime access along with the bonuses and continuous updates on every topic covered by the website. Finally, the author offers buyers to try his guide for 60 days, and in case you’re unsatisfied with the results, there is a 100%, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee policy.

What we like

✓ Visible and sustainable results in under 2 months

✓ One-time fee gives access to handy bonuses

✓ Science based

✓ 60 day moneyback guarantee

✓ Works for all skin types and tones 

What we don’t like

 May be hard to follow precisely

Our rating


#3 Super Sexy Skin by Belinda Benn

Super sexy skin

Belinda Benn has worked for top cosmetic companies like Clinique, Revlon and Shiseido. Throughout her life, she has suffered from persistent acne, rosacea and redness for many years and often covered her whole body with clothes to conceal the embarrassment.

She has developed the Super Sexy Skin program with the belief that the best way to help the skin deal with impurities is to eradicate the root cause of why the skin ages prematurely, and help it recover its natural strength.

The Super Sexy Skin program is essentially a lifestyle change which includes detailed diet plans, detox aromatherapies, purely natural remedies, shiatsu facial massage video guides, body toning routines, a diary to track your progress and breakfast smoothie recipes.

The main product is the Super Sexy Skin Bible, which is a 123 page guide that thoroughly outlines the required lifestyle changes, hormone balancing foods, helpful nutrients and superfoods, to deliver substantial results in just 28 days. The book also explains why modern cosmetic products are not just powerless to treat and help your skin look better on their own, but they can also harm the skin if you’re not careful. The author believes that all skin problems are systemic issues that come from within, and simply applying (even some of the best, expensive and all-natural) products to the skin simply cannot be enough to create a long-lasting effect.

The book is designed in a way to help readers not simply cure their acne breakouts, but also get rid of fine lines, age spots, wrinkles and basically every other condition that can be tied to aging by fixing the hormonal issues and maintaining a healthy amount of essential nutrients through diet.

Here are the detailed contents of the whole program that becomes available upon purchase:

  • The Bible for Super Sexy Skin eBook.

  • Hormone optimizing 28-Day Eating Plan eBook.

  • Shiatsu Facial Massage Guide PDF.

  • Shiatsu Face Massage Video.

  • Body Toning Routine Guide PDF.

  • Body Toning Routine Video.

  • My Super Sexy Skin Diary PDF.

Finally, the program features a 60 day, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with the results.

What we like

✓ The author has extensive experience in the field

✓ Helps clear multiple skin conditions

✓ Focused on combating skin aging

✓ 60 day moneyback guarantee policy

What we don’t like

 The program is expensive

 Additional investments will be required

Our rating


#4 The Acne Cure by Terry Dubrow and Brenda Adderly

The acne cure

The guide tells readers everything about how acne forms and spreads across the skin from the scientific point of view. Dr. Terry Dubrow, the author of the book and a seasoned expert in the field of skincare and the director of Acne Clinic of Newport Beach based in California, explains the science of acne and shows the research that proves his points. He has developed an easy-to-follow, fast and comprehensive 4-step treatment plan without the risk of prescription medication, unpleasant side effects or major lifestyle/diet changes.

The guide gives very clear explanations on why acne is an inside problem and should be treated from within, and how various stress factors can influence acne formation. Also, there is a dedicated section on how you should approach different types of zits depending on your skin type and ethnicity – Asian, Hispanic, Black, etc. – and how to clear even the most stubborn forms of blemishes.

Dr. Dubrow notes that acne in men is quite different both in terms of formation and causes compared to women, and should be approached differently. Finally, the 4-step cure plan helps eliminate acne scars and shatters some of the most widely-believed acne myths that you encounter on the web.

In terms of results, the guide promises to deliver substantial results in as little as 24 hours, and clear your skin in around 6 weeks in 95% of cases. Customers who have previously tried following the treatment plan report that it really does work, but requires around $80-120 investment and enough time to be able to do everything properly.

What we like

✓ Substantial results after 24 hours

✓ Different treatment methods for men and women

✓ Information backed by science

✓ Helps treat acne scars

✓ Different treatment methods depending on your ethnicity

What we don’t like

 You’ll need to invest into the regimen

 Can be time-consuming

Our rating


#5 Acne for Dummies by Herbert Goodheart

Acne for dummies

Acne for Dummies features basic information about acne, its causes, treatment methods and scarring issues. The book doesn’t offer highly in-depth information, but does a great job of explaining the root causes of acne, helping you understand the different types of acne (with visuals), how to differentiate acne from similar conditions like Rosacea, the benefits and drawbacks of prescriptive acne medication and which procedures can help get rid of the aftereffects of acne.

There is also a very nice representation of the basic skincare routine that will help minimize and prevent breakouts, which OTC methods work best in different cases, and various acne-related issues and causes based on your ethnicity. One of the best things about the book is that all the information is written in plain, easy-to-understand language, allowing anyone, regardless of age, education or experience to seamlessly understand and remember everything they read.

Dr. Goodheart, the author of the book, also takes into account the emotional side of acne, suggesting ways to overcome the embarrassment and social disability for people who suffer from severe acne.

What we like

✓ Very easy to understand

✓ Visual illustrations explaining different forms of acne

✓ Written specifically for teenagers

✓ Takes into account the emotional aspect of acne

What we don’t like

 No in-depth information

 Doesn’t provide step-by-step treatment plans

Our rating


How to Choose the Best Acne Book for Your Case

While the root causes of acne are technically the same for all people, there are differences that we have to take into account. For instance, ethnicity, skin type, lifestyle, stress, sex, environment and genetics all influence our decisions when we are searching for an acne cure.

But that’s not everything. The way we approach acne emotionally and how we feel about it also means a great deal. Some people are awfully scared of every single zit on their face, which can contribute to stress, while others regard acne as “something that happens from time to time” and is not a big deal.

Also, our list isn’t straightforward, just like everything else in skincare. Based on your personality and what you’re trying to achieve, number 4 might be better suited for you than number 1. Here is our recommendations:

  • If you’re suffering from highly severe acne, chances are there are multiple reasons involved in their development. In that case, you’ll require a complex treatment plan, which will most probably involve diet and lifestyle changes in addition to everything else. In such cases, we highly recommend Acne No More or The Acne Code.

  • If you’re looking to not just cure acne but reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and achieve and maintain a healthy, young and radiant skin for many years, then the Super Sexy Skin program is designed for you.

  • For people who believe in science and research above all else, seeing the studies as they read to understand the causes of acne will be more than helpful during the treatment. It’s very hard to commit to something if you don’t believe it will work. For such cases, we recommend The Acne Cure.

  • If you’re just a beginner and want to understand all the basic and root causes of acne, learn about various treatment types and their strengths and weaknesses, how to decipher various types of acne and how to tell the difference between acne and similar skin conditions, then Acne for Dummies is your best pick.