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AcneFree 3 Step Acne Treatment Kit Review

AcneFree says that it is the only brand that has Advanced Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide in its formulated cleaning systems. This is a key ingredient that AcneFree 3 Step Acne Treatment Kit claims helps the system to work faster and penetrate your pores deeply. You can see...

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Dermalogica cleansing gel review – All you need to know

How Dermalogica Works Dermalogica special cleansing gel is a soap free, foam forming cleanser which has a refreshing lather. It removes impurities from the skin while leaving the moisture balance of the skin as intact as ever. The gel contains Calming Balm Mint as...

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How to Remove Acne Scars and Marks – Your Complete Guide

Acne is a common skin condition for teenagers and adults. It’s so common that most of us will experience it in some form during our lives. However, this notion doesn’t make it any less distressing when you’re suffering from a breakout. If you’ve ever suffered from...

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Home Remedies for Adult Acne: 6 Fixes You Can’t Beat

What is adult acne? Adult acne can be brutal. Even if you felt like yours was the “worst” or you were “the only one” when you were a teenager, most adolescents deal with at least occasional breakouts. Speaking for myself, I certainly felt singled out and more pimply...

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Skin Advice & Our Goals

Foremost, this website has the purpose to provide education and share my knowledge and experience about the potential causes, prevention and treatments of acne.

My deepest belief, as well as the motivation for this website, is that with the right information and knowledge everyone will be able to fight acne according to their individual circumstances.

Every human is different – we differ in age, gender, skin type, sensitivity, allergic predisposition, lifestyles and many more – likewise everyone will react differently to acne treatments.

On this website, throughout the many articles, I collect my knowledge and experience and present it in an evidence-based way, so that everyone will be able to find the causes and potential treatments for their acne.

Additionally, I will continuously investigate new acne treatments to evaluate which ones are the best depending on your skin type and which ones appear to be scams you should never apply to your sensitive skin!